Nothing stands between you and a great tasting salad

Clean and Green 5.png

Clean and Green is our mantra here at Revol Greens. We grow in a unique, sustainable greenhouse designed to produce the safest, cleanest, and freshest lettuce and greens available year-round.  Because of our Clean and Green process, Revol Greens’ lettuce and greens remain fresh longer, taste better, and do not require rinsing or washing.   

Here are just a few of the reasons our lettuce and greens are some of the cleanest and greenest available. 

Food Safety is top priority

  •  We grow inside a secure and protected greenhouse keeping animals, pests, and contaminants out

  • Our product moves through the greenhouse on water flumes to an automated harvest and packing process.  From seed to packaging, no human hands touch our baby lettuces and greens. 

  • All our lettuce and greens are grown on-site in our Medford, MN greenhouse meaning no co-mingling of product from outside growers.

  • We are certified by Primus Labs meeting Global Food Safety Initiative Standards (GFSI) recognized as one of the highest standards for produce food safety

Residual and Chemical Free

  • No pesticides or herbicides are ever used in our greenhouse.  As a matter a fact, no chemicals whatsoever are sprayed on the product. 

  • Unlike “triple washed” outdoor grown salads, no chemical cleaning or chlorine is used in our packing process.  Since we grow indoors without the use of chemical sprays, there’s nothing to wash off.  We want our greens to taste like greens, not a swimming pool. 

Pure & Clean H2O

  • We capture all the rain and snowmelt from our roof and run it through a chemical free UV sterilization process before it comes into the greenhouse.  No chemically treated city water is ever used to irrigate our plants. 

  • Our water is tested daily and sent to an independent lab every month for rigorous testing

Rest assured, when you choose Revol Greens, you are eating Clean and Green